At Goldin Iron and Metal, what is important to you is important to us!

Your personal values mean a lot to us! Our employees and customers along with their passions and dreams are valued in our work environment.  That is why here at Goldin Iron and Metal, we support various local projects.  Not only do we believe in an atmosphere of hard work, but we also believe in fun!  Whether it be a photo shoot to a music video production or anything in between, we are open to your ideas.

 Please take into consideration that the following links, videos, photos, etc are works of individuals in the community.  Please do not be offended by adult content in these works.

If you have a project that you would like to present to us that would have to do with our facilities, please call us at (920)766-4201.

"The Fallen"-Mislead

The making of the music video:

The official music video:

Photography done by Dave Jackson:

The following are "Trash your dress" pictures: